The Great Myths #14: The Sparrow in Northumbria (Christian)

10 thoughts on “The Great Myths #14: The Sparrow in Northumbria (Christian)”

  1. I have never forgotten this image; it is so characteristically Anglo-Saxon in its starkness. I’m not sure that I like how it presents Christianity, but there is certainly more to Christianity, even in this world, in the eyes of Anglo-Saxon Christians.

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  2. That’s pretty much it; it’s not what it says about Christianity that gets me, but what it says about everything. I first came across this in Schama’s History it Britain series & in a way only read Bede in the first place because of it. The Anglo-Saxon soul is one to admire.


  3. Definitely a good one, it’s on my shelf & marked up. Also any attempt at learning Anglo-Saxon, hearing it read aloud, trying to write those alliterative lines. A wonderful drumming doomed sadness.


  4. I’ll look forward to that Janet, I know there have been some new translations of Homer come out recently. Have you read Mendelsohn’s The Lost? It’s one of my favorite things


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