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Over the next two months, Human Voices Wake Us will feature readings from my forthcoming book of essays, “Notes from the Grid,” due out in early 2023. You can preorder a print copy of the book here. The price includes shipping.


Notes from the Grid: Simple Awareness Human Voices Wake Us

Preorder print copies of Notes from the Grid here: Tonight, I read the last three essays from Notes from the Grid. After a short introduction, the eighth essay begins at 6:00, the ninth at 26:30, and the tenth at 54:40. The audio from Philip Roth near the end of tonight's episode comes from Christopher Lydon's 2006 interview with him. As always, send any comments to I assume that the small amount of work presented in each episode constitutes fair use. Publishers, authors, or other copyright holders who would prefer to not have their work presented here can also email me at, and I will remove the episode immediately. — Support this podcast:
  1. Notes from the Grid: Simple Awareness
  2. Notes from the Grid: The Perpetual Adolescent
  3. Notes from the Grid: All Things Can Console
  4. Notes from the Grid: To Criticize the Critic
  5. Notes from the Grid: Rediscovering the Hidden Life
  6. Walt Whitman's Mystical Poetry
  7. Walt Whitman's Death Poetry
  8. Walt Whitman's Love Poetry // Whitman & Sex
  9. Advice from Toni Morrison, Richard Wilbur, John Berryman, T. S. Eliot // Whitman's Earliest Critics
  10. Anthology: Poems by Lowell, Clare, Barbauld, Finch, Spenser // First Person: Eudora Welty & Helen Keller