Human Voices Wake Us (Podcast)

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2 Poems for the Holocaust Human Voices Wake Us

A reading of two of my poems about the Holocaust, "A Ploughed Field" and "Train." These poems were published earlier this year at Jewish Journal. Any comments, or suggestions for readings I should make in later episodes, can be emailed to I assume that the small amount of work presented in each episode constitutes fair use. Publishers, authors, or other copyright holders who would prefer to not have their work presented here can also email me at, and I will remove the episode immediately.
  1. 2 Poems for the Holocaust
  2. Isis in Old Age (story)
  3. Ted Hughes: 7 Poems from "Season Songs"
  4. Walt Whitman Affirms the World
  5. Poems: A Travelogue Through Orkney from "Bone Antler Stone"
  6. The Great Myths #13: Oisin in the Otherworld
  7. Ted Hughes: 3 Poems from "River"
  8. First Person: Vermont, 1940
  9. Poem: Chauvet, Lascaux, Altamira
  10. The Great Myths #12: Queen Medb of Connacht