Review: Bone Antler Stone by Tim Miller

A tremendous review of “Bone Antler Stone” now up at Amethyst Review. Thanks to Sarah Law for creating a place for the sacred in poetry.

Amethyst Review

Bone_Antler_StoneBone Antler Stone by Tim Miller: High Window Press, 80pp ISBN 9780244009595

The scope of this collection is extraordinary, and the depth of research admirable. But Tim Miller’s poetry wears its learning well enough to draw in a non specialist reader. Prehistory is a gift to the poet in that it can offer the mysterious, poignant detail as well as an intriguing archeological backdrop; it can present us with belief systems and artistic perspectives that are profoundly other to those recognised by contemporary culture. But in skillfully wrought poetry such prehistoric elements can still offer points of connection and food for thought. From cave-painting, to stone circles, to arcane and moving burial rites, Miller’s poetry here is eye-opening, often moving, and carefully mapped throughout. Each section literally starts with a simple diagrammatic map, which helps orient the reader on the European locations of the poems.

‘Landscapes and Rituals’ starts…

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