“Bone Antler Stone”: A Reading List for Ancient Europe

Here’s a roll call for all the books & scholars I gained so much from, in writing the poems in Bone Antler Stone. For some reason a handful are wildly expensive now, so I’ve put an asterisk before those that are still reasonably priced. Although as I discovered in collecting them all (sometimes only being able to photocopy them), handfuls of used copies eventually show up online at a decent cost.

britain beginsAncient Europe, 8000 BC – AD 1000: Encyclopedia of the Barbarian World, ed. Peter Bogucki and Pam J. Crabtree

**Europe Before Rome: A Site-by-Site Tour of the Stone, Bronze & Iron Ages, by T. Douglas Price

**Britain Begins, by Barry Cunliffe

**Europe Between the Oceans: 9000 BC – AD 1000, by Barry Cunliffe






art of the celtsThe Celtic World, ed. Miranda Green

**In Search of Ancient Ireland, by Carmel McCaffrey & Leo Eaton (& DVD series)

Pagan Celtic Ireland: The Enigma of the Irish Iron Age, by Barry Raftery

Pagan Celtic Britain, by Anne Ross

**The Extraordinary Voyage of Pytheas the Greek, by Barry Cunliffe

**The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings, by John Haywood

**The Historical Atlas of the Celtic World, by John Haywood

Art of the Celts: 700 BC – AD 700, ed. Felix Müller

**Agricola & Germany, by Tacitus



sacred isle**The Bog People: Iron Age Man Preserved, by P. V. Glob

Through Nature to Eternity: The Bog Bodies of Northwest Europe, by Wijnand van der Sanden

The Celtic Gauls: Gods, Rites and Sanctuaries, by Jean Louis Brunaux

**Symbol & Image in Celtic Religious Art, by Miranda Green

**The Quest for the Shaman: Shape-Shifters, Sorcerers & Spirit Healers in Ancient Europe, by Miranda & Stephen Aldhouse-Green

**The Sacred Isle: Belief & Religion in Pre-Christian Ireland, by Dáithí Ó HÓgáin



lascauxLascaux: Movement, Space and Time, by Norbert Aujoulat

The Cave of Altamira, ed. Pedro A. Saura Ramos

Return to Chauvet, by Jean Clottes

Journey Through the Ice Age, by Paul Bahn

**Prehistoric Art: The Symbolic Journey of Humankind, by Randall White

Becoming Human: Innovation in Prehistoric Material Culture, ed. Colin Renfrew and Iain Morley