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Tao Te Ching #48: “To pursue learning, learn more day by day, to pursue the Way, unlearn it day by day”

For learning you gain daily;
for the Way you lose daily.
Losing and losing,
thus you reach noncontrivance;
be uncontrived, and nothing is not done.
Taking the world is always done
by not making anything out of it.
For when something is made of it,
that is not enough to take the world.

– Thomas Cleary


Those who seek learning gain every day
those who seek the Way lose every day
they lose and they lose
until they find nothing to do
nothing to do means nothing not done
those who rule the world aren’t busy
those who are busy
can’t rule the world

– Red Pine


To pursue learning, learn more day by day;
To pursue the Way, unlearn it day by day:
Unlearn and then unlearn again
Until there is nothing to pursue:
No end pursued, no end ungained.

Whoever means to win this world below
Never undertakes that task;
Whoever does make that his task
Is not fit to win this world below.

– Moss Roberts