Tao Te Ching #47: “Without going out your door you can know the whole world”

They know the world
without even going out the door.
They see the sky and its pattern
without even looking out the window.
The further out it goes, the less knowledge it;
therefore sages know without going,
name without seeing,
complete without striving.

– Thomas Cleary


Without going out your door
you can know the whole world
without looking out your window
you can know the Way of Heaven
the farther people go
the less they know
sages therefore know without travelling
name without seeing
and succeed without trying

– Red Pine


No need to venture past the door
To know this world below the skies,
Nor peer outside the window frame
To see the heavens’ works and ways:
“Distant ventures, meager knowledge.”
For this reason men of wisdom
Know the world not having walking it,
And name it true not having seen it,
And gain success not striving for it.

– Moss Roberts