Tao Te Ching #46: “No crime is greater than approving of greed”

When the world has the Way,
running horses are retired to till the fields.
When the world lacks the Way,
war-horses are bred in the countryside.
No crime is greater than approving of greed;
no calamity is greater than discontent,
no fault is greater than possessiveness.
So the satisfaction of contentment is always enough.

– Thomas Cleary


When the Tao is present in the world
courier horses manures fields instead of roads
when the Tao is absent from the world
war horses are raised on the border
no crimes is worse than yielding to desire
no wrong is greater than discontent
no curse is crueler than getting what you want
the contentment of being content
is true contentment indeed

– Red Pine


When the Way prevails below the sky
Disbanded chargers dung the land;
But when the Way the world deserts
War horses breed outside the towns.

No crime exceeds desire sanctioned,
No woe is worse than discontent,
No omen more dire than desire gained.
Truly with few wants content,
Contentment lasts as long as life.

– Moss Roberts