Tao Te Ching #43: “In this world below the sky the gentle will outdo the strong”

What is softest in the world
drives what is hardest in the world.
Nonbeing enters where there is no room;
that is how we know noncontrivance enhances.
Unspoken guidance and uncontrived enhancement
are reached by few in the world.

– Thomas Cleary


The weakest thing in the world
overcomes the strongest thing in the world
what doesn’t exist find room where there’s none
thus we know help comes with no effort
wordless instruction
effortless help
few in the world can match this

– Red Pine


In this world below the sky
The gentle will outdo the strong,
And the nonmaterial are able
To enter the impregnable.
Thus I know and know for sure
The gains that under-acting yields.
But teaching by the word unspoken
In this world few can master;
The gains that under-acting yields
In this world few realize.

– Moss Roberts


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