Don’t Be Such a Boar

7 thoughts on “Don’t Be Such a Boar”

  1. You did well to compact so much in a small space. & that bibliography is a beast. i remember reading of Attis & Adonis in Frazer & was temporarily obsessed with the boar. Interesting to see its association with Prajapati, i never that as the Rig has Prajapati in a confused light, something which seems somewhat self created & creator, yet not a chief creator; at least that is how i understood it. Maybe you could do a post on Prajapati, something chiefly mysterious about that one.

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  2. Daniel, here’s the entry on Prajapati in the Oxford Dict of Hinduism…. looks like that strangeness you mention was built in from the start, & old P became a catch-all for tons of ideas :

    Prajapati (Lord of Creatures/Offspring): In the Rig Veda, an epithet applied to various devas (such as Indra, Agni, Soma, etc.), emphasizing their procreative function, as well as to the original being, who is therefore the father of all other beings, which he emits, or creates out of desire. In the Satapatha Brahmana and other later Vedic texts, Prajapati merges with the Purusa of the Purusa Sukta (Rig Veda 10.90) to become the unifying deity who is everything that is in its entirety, and more–the thirty-fourth of the traditional 33 devas. He is both the prototypical sacrificer (yajamana) and the sacrifice (yajna)–i. e. “self sacrifice”–through which the universe is differentiated and then ordered. In the Puranic and Epic periods, his role as demiurge, or secondary creator is assigned to Brahma, with whom he therefore becomes synonymous. Brahma, in turn, is characterized as the “lord of the Prajapatis,” his mindborn sons, who are also progenitors.

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  3. Just a Penguin translation. Only later did i get the excellent Nikhilananda Veda translations. He did the Bhagavadgita but i don’t think he translated the Rig. I should get another copy of it, it’s by far my favorite creation myth, its humility is exemplary.

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  4. I know, Nikhilananda’s four volume Upanishads were pretty much life changing. There’s a recent Bhagavad Gita by a guy named Schweig, & an older one by Barbara Miller, that I’ve always loved.

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