Heaney’s Bog Poems (Forerunners)

Underfoot Poetry

Here’s Seamus Heaney, first talking about his poems on the bog bodies of Iron Age Europe, in Dennis O’Driscoll’s Stepping Stones, and then the bog poems themselves, spanning three of his collections: Wintering Out, North, and District and Circle. Also, since I hope to do a post on the bog bodies at some point, interested readers would do well to check out the book that inspired Heaney’s interest in the subject, P. V. Glob’s The Bog People: Iron Age Man Preserved.


Stepping StonesFrom the moment I wrote it, I felt promise in “Bogland.” Without having any clear notion of where it would lead or even whether I would go back to the subject, I realized that new co-ordinates had been established. Door jambs with an open sky behind them rather than the dark. I felt it in my muscles, nearly, when I was writing…

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