Silence in London

7 thoughts on “Silence in London”

  1. Hiya Tim & Jenny, a quick bit of history about the roman Wall is that a large section of it was blasted into visibility by German and/or 9briefly) Italian bombers during the Blitz. The ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS then had a lovely article depicting the wall and busts of all the emperors of rome during the centuries that Brittania was anm imperial outpost oif rome. of rome. The Cultural Assurance of all that really struck me: given they were fighting El Duce and Der Fuhrer who claimed to embody Roman power and virtue at the time; awas well as shamelessly aping rome in much of their politicak and military iconography: right down to Fasces and the standards of the Legions. I may be drafted into being a source foir a backgrounder by CBS national news. 😦 This because they think that Lake County is “a swing county in a swing state” in this election. 😦 .) Great trip, keep it up; the discovery, i mean. Cheerio, Kim


  2. Tim and Jenny, As usual, your pictures and comments on the pictures are awesome. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. thanks for sharing them. Love, mama


  3. Many of these places I know well, having worked in London for 40 years, and especially Westminster Abbey with its Cloister and Chapter House, and the Tower with All Hallows, Trajan and the Roman Wall. My wife and I have attended a wedding in All Hallows, in which the service was especially beautiful – but photographs on the lawn outside seemed inappropriate, as you will understand. Stonehenge also, but Salisbury barely. So your response to these places interested me, and I recognised your sensibilities.


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