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To the House of the Sun:
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  • (forthcoming) Cider Press Review: Old Man’s Shed
  • Crannóg: Cauldron & Drink
  • Cumberland River Review: Burial: Oleneostrovskii Mogilnik Cemetery (6400-6000 BC), Burial: Skateholm Cemetery (5200-4500 BC)
  • Cider Press Review: Missing Child
  • Underfoot Poetry: Seven bog body poems: Last Meal, Haraldskaer Woman, Tollund Man, Kayhausen Boy, Damendorf Man, Grauballe Man, Lindow Man
  • Albatross: Migrations at the End of the Ice Age, Ring of Brodgar, Orkney
  • Poethead: Song to Nehalennia (Netherlands, AD 200), Looking for Nerthus (AD 100), Song to Sequana (Burgundy, 100 BC), Song to Sulis (Bath, 100 BC)
  • The Basil O’Flaherty: Unfinished Michelangelo, Kafka’s Sisters (1945), The Painted Caves: Chauvet, Lascaux, Altamira (30,000-15,000 BC), A Disciple of Pythagoras Wins a Chariot Race (496 BC)
  • The Journal (Wales): Burial: Long Barrows (3800-3400 BC), Burial: Tormarton Ditch, England (1500 BC), Burial: To the Air (3000-1000 BC)
  • Concho River Review: Neighborhood
  • The High Window: Star Carr (8500 BC), Pytheas in the Shetlands (325 BC), Fire Houses
  • Londongrip: Burial: Near Copenhagen (6000 BC), Burial: The Amesbury Archer (2300 BC)
  • Poethead: Skara Brae, Horses on Orkney, Bone, Antler, Stone – Museum Pieces, Cuween Chambered Cairn, Robert Oppenheimer, Daedalus and Icarus
  • Literary Juice: Odin & Baldr
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Winter Crash

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