The Old Archive

This website began in earnest in late 2012, and it took some time to realize that it was just begging to become a podcast. That podcast has finally happened, but I didn’t want to do away with the blog entirely.

Below is an index to all the posts I thought worth saving. I will continue to update the home page and books page on any new books or publications of mine, but the rest will remain a time capsule of what occupied me for a time, and was fruitful in its way.

Thanks to those who followed along as it happened, and to those in the future who stumble upon what I left behind.

  • William Wordsworth’s 1805 Prelude – excerpts from Wordsworth’s great 13-book poem, in its earliest and most powerful form
  • 20th Century Poetry – from Thomas Hardy to Seamus Heaney to Laurie Sheck, some of my favorite poems of the last century
  • T. S. Eliot – all the posts about Eliot, or featuring his writing and poetry; including the essay of mine that first got people here, “What Eliot Means to Me,” and Eliot’s essay that inspired it, “What Dante Means to Me
  • Seamus Heaney – all the poetry and prose from Heaney that I’ve posted here over the years
  • Franz Kafka – all the posts from Kafka’s fiction and diaries, as well as an interview with the American translator of the standard biography of Kafka
  • Writers/Artists – a grab bag of my favorite anecdotes on writing, art and creativity
  • Interviews – I had hoped to interview more scholars about their work, but over the past ten years it’s only happened twice

  • Week of Van Gogh – slideshows and videos of Van Gogh’s best paintings
  • Images – more than two dozen posts on my favorite paintings, with videos, slideshows and some of the stories behind them

  • Week of The Bomb – a collection of quotations on the building and use of the bomb, from those who were there; includes podcast reading of the entirety
  • History – a dozen or so anecdotes from history, language, creativity, etc.
  • Evolution – a handful of excerpts from my favorite books on the origins of language, art, music, and simply walking upright