Anthology: Poems for Spring (new episode)

Tonight, I return to new episodes with a handful of poems about the spring. As I mention, living as I do in a city usually inundated with snow, it has been bizarre to have not shoveled the driveway even once. And since the next few weeks of episodes are already planned out, it seemed appropriate…

First Person: Funeral Home Director & Telemarketer

An episode from 3/8/2022: Here are two readings from Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs. I have particular affection for the second one, since I spent some time as a telemarketer back in the summer and fall of 2004. Gig is a really great book of its kind, a good follow up to Studs Terkel’s Working….


An episode from 9/27/21: In what may be my favorite episode, I talk about loneliness: is it really so bad, and is easy sociability really so much better? I also look at where my own experience of loneliness began, as a four year-old who suddenly found himself with hearing problems. For the next eight years…

William Wordsworth: The Immortality Ode & Three other Poems

An episode from 11/4/2021: A reading of four poems by William Wordsworth: I read these here tonight to celebrate the release of a Selected Poems of William Wordsworth that I put together, and was just published. Other small books of poems (Whitman, Tennyson, and Frost) in the same series can be found here. If you’d…

Emily Dickinson

Tonight I read from and comment on Brenda Wineapple’s wonderful book, White Heat: The Friendship of Emily Dickinson and Thomas Wentworth Higginson. If listeners can recommend other books about Dickinson they have enjoyed, email me at

First Person: Funeral Home Director & Telemarketer (podcast)

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