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Poems from Bone Antler Stone (read more about the book here):

Interview on Bone Antler Stone with NPR

The Painted Caves of Chauvet, Lascaux, Altamira

St. Magnus Cathedral

The Brough of Birsay

Song to the Smith

Bone Antler Stone (Orkney Museum)

Song of Trees

Cauldron & Drink

The Sun Sets Into the Sea


Navan Fort


Readings from To the House of the Sun (read more about the book here):

from Books 1: Sun & Sea & Morning Star

from Book 3: This Old Lover of Storms

from Book 4: Shines in His Agony

from Book 5: In Poor Company

Book 6: A High Mountain Apart

from Book 7: The Sun! The Sun!

Book 10: Woods & River & Food Out of Paradise

Book 11: This Is the South

from Book 12: Closer to Ghosts

from Book 13: The Far Future

from Book 17: These Words & These Men & Their God

Book 18: In These Woods & Along These Roads

Book 20: Soul & Tree, River & Star

from Book 21: Wheatfield & Father & Confession

from Book 22: Riot & Prayer

from Book 23: & It Was Beautiful

Book 24: Humble & So Humble

Book 25: Flood & Resurrection

Book 27: Whoever Does Not Dance Does Not Know What Happens

Book 28: No Longer See Any Familiar Thing

Book 31: Three Bridges & Underworld

Book 33: Ascent & All Directions