Recent Work

Jewish Journal: 2 poems: A Ploughed Field, Train

Londongrip: 1 poem: Caedmon Comes to Singing

Stories and poems from School of Night:



Scholarly Peace: Muslim, Christian & Jewish Translators in Medieval Spain (essay)

4 Poems from Columbine: The Mother, The Mother at the Salon, The Two of Them, Infatuation

WWII History, April 2019: essay: The Vermehren Betrayal

Renaissance Magazine #120: essay: Monks & Vikings at the Edge of the World

Military Heritage, March 2019: essay: The Battle of Pydna, 168 BC 

90.5 WESA: Interview with NPR on Bone Antler Stone

WWII Quarterly, Winter 2019: essay: When the Blitz Came to Bath

Renaissance Magazine #118: essay: The Black Death Comes to Bohemia

The Wisdom Daily: essay: The Loneliness of Isidore of Seville

Voices Behind the Words: interview

Military Heritage, July 2018: essay: The Roman Siege of Jerusalem

WWII History, June 2018: essay: Henry Kissinger’s World War Two

Amethyst: essay: Risking the Sacred

Seattle Book Review: essay: Generous Chance Encounters in Publishing

Amethyst: 1 poem: Sanctuaries

The Big Windows Review: 1 poem: The Seeress of Vix *Nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Award

Amethyst: 2 poems: Esus, Sucellus

Orbis: 2 poems: New Families Arrive in Britain, Bronze Offerings in the Water

Cider Press Review: 1 poem: Old Man’s Shed

Isacoustic: 3 poems: The Brough of Birsay, St. Magnus Cathedral, When I High, When I Saw the Deep

The High Window: 6 poems: Painted Stags Clermont-Ferrand, The Sun Sets into the Sea, Axes, A Song to Stone, Song of Trees, The Seafarer

WWII History, December 2017: essay: The Scholarly Spies of the French Resistance

Military Heritage, November 2017: essay: The Battle of Crecy

Crannóg: 1 poem: Cauldron & Drink

Cumberland River Review: 2 burial poems: Oleneostrovskii Mogilnik Cemetery, Skateholm Cemetery *Nominated for a Best of the Net Award

Underfoot Poetry: 6 bog poems: Last Meal, Haraldskaer Woman, Tollund Man, Kayhausen Boy, Damendorf Man, Grauballe Man, Lindow Man

Poethead: 4 goddess poems: Song to Sequana, Song to Sulis, Song to Nehalennia, Looking for Nerthus

Cider Press Review: 1 poem: Missing Child

The Journal (Wales): 3 burial poems: Long Barrows, Tormarton Ditch, To the Air

The Basil O’Flaherty: 4 poems: Unfinished Michelangelo, Kafka’s Sister, The Painted Caves: Chauvet, Lascaux, Altamira, A Disciple of Pythagoras Wins a Chariot Race

Albatross: 2 poems: Migrations at the End of the Ice Age, Ring of Brodgar

Concho River Review, fall 2016: 1 poem: Neighborhood

Londongrip: 2 burial poems: Near Copenhagen, The Amesbury Archer

Military Heritage: Constantine the Great & the Battle of the Milvian Bridge

The High Window: 3 poems: Star Carr, Fire Houses, Pytheas in the Shetlands

World War Two History: essay: Exhausted Caravan, the 1940 Exodus from Paris

Poethead: 6 poems: Robert Oppenheimer, Horses from Orkney, Daedalus & Icarus, Skara Brae, Bone Antler Stone (Orkney Museum), Cuween Chambered Cairn

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: 1 poem: Winter Crash

Literary Juice: Odin & Baldr

Military Heritage, May 2016: Alexander the Great & the Battle of the Granicus

Living Orkney, May 2016: essay: A Tourist in the Heart of Orkney

Juked: story: One Time People

Concho River Review, fall 2014: essay: Blindness, War & History

Meat for Tea, March 2014: story: Adult Conversation

Bitter Oleander, vol. 20 #1: story: Flew Away for Number Three

Foliate Oak: story: The Lake