Human Voices Wake Us (Podcast)

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Poetry & Education in Eighth Century England Human Voices Wake Us

A reading of two chapters from Peter Ackroyd's book, Albion: The Origins of the English Imagination.  Chapter 5, "A Rare & Singular Bede," covers the life of the Venerable Bede, as well as education and culture in England in the eighth century. Chapter 14, "Anglo-Saxon Attitudes," is a brief look into Anglo-Saxon (aka Old English) poetry, and its continued life and reverberations in English poetry, through the present day. Any comments, or suggestions for readings I should make in later episodes, can be emailed to I assume that the small amount of work presented in each episode constitutes fair use. Publishers, authors, or other copyright holders who would prefer to not have their work presented here can also email me at, and I will remove the episode immediately.
  1. Poetry & Education in Eighth Century England
  2. Working
  3. Shakespeare, Wordsworth & a Guy from Pittsburgh
  4. First Person: A Waitress in Chicago in the 1960s
  5. Ted Hughes: Ten Early Poems
  6. Poem: Unfinished Michelangelo
  7. Loneliness
  8. Myths & Lies
  9. Virgil's Great Poem of Nature: Starting the Georgics
  10. Walt Whitman: “Give Me the Splendid Silent Sun”