Poets & Writers

Evelyn Alexie
Chris Beausang
Julian Beach
Michael S. Begnal
Drunken Library
C. J. Eller
The Golden Echo
Anthony Howell
Paul Jessup
La Cote Male Tayle
Daniel Paul Marshall
Adam Penna
The Poet Obscura
Pseudo-Intellecual Reviews
Tierney 922
Rhys Tranter
Lee Watkins
The Weekly Scourge
William Young

Art, Travel & Photography

All is Transient
Stefania Bufano
Cake or Death
Cornish Bird Blog
John Dockus
Lynell George
Integrated Expat
Open the Curtains
Postcards from San Antonio
Robert Sanderson
Bella Teerlink
What a Serendipity!
Gilda Williams

History & Archaeology

An Archaeologist’s Diary
Historic Musings
History of Modern France at War
Past Rambles
Hannah Pethen
Institute of Archaeology, Oxford
Silenced Harp
Stories from the Museum Floor