Advice from Seamus Heaney // James Joyce’s “Araby”

Advice from Seamus Heaney // James Joyce's "Araby" Human Voices Wake Us

An episode from 6/8/22: Tonight, we hear from two of the greatest twentieth century Irish writers. In the first half of the episode, I read from Dennis O’Driscoll’s interviews with Seamus Heaney. Here, Heaney talks about his methods, his inspiration, his favorite time of day to write.

In the second part (beginning around 35:15) I read James Joyce’s great short story of disappointed young love,Araby.” The reading is prefaced by a few personal thoughts on Joyce, and includes an excerpt from Gabriel’s Yared’s score for the film The English Patient, which I describe as being inextricably linked to my earliest experiences of reading Joyce. (One of the earliest episodes of this podcast goes further into my debt to The English Patient)

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