William Carlos Williams: 11 Essential Poems (new episode)

William Carlos Williams: 11 Essential Poems Human Voices Wake Us

Tonight, I read eleven essential poems from the American poet William Carlos Williams (1883-1963).

His poems can be found in The Collected Poems Volume I: 1909-1939, The Collected Poems Volume II: 1939-1962, and Paterson.

The biographies I read from are Paul Mariani’s William Carlos Williams: A New World Naked, and the essay on Williams’ life at The Poetry Foundation

The poems I read are:

  • Pastoral (1917)
  • Danse Russe (1917)
  • Waiting (1921)
  • The Great Figure (1921)
  • The Red Wheelbarrow (1923)
  • Flowers by the Sea (first version) (1931)
  • War, the Destroyer! (1942)
  • Approach to a City (1946)
  • To a Dog Injured in the Street (1954)
  • Deep Religious Faith (1954)
  • from Asphodel, That Greeny Flower (1955)

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