The Voice of Toni Morrison

The Voice of Toni Morrison Human Voices Wake Us

An episode from 6/26/22: We are incredibly lucky that, in the novelist Toni Morrison (1931-2019), we had that rare thing: a great writer who also achieved great popularity with the general public. This meant that she was interviewed about her life, her books, and about creativity and the news of the day, hundreds of times.

In this episode, I’ve gone through my favorite interviews with her and gathered the best parts into these segments:

  • (:35) On love (parental, romantic, religious)
  • (8:25) On childhood, family history, and being a parent and a writer
  • (43:32) On race, writing in difficult political and social moments, and being more interested in good than evil
  • (1:11:48) On writing in general, and specifically the writing of Beloved

The interviews I’ve drawn from are these:

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