Give Me Another Tarantula (new episode)

Give Me Another Tarantula Human Voices Wake Us

What happens when two comedians lose all their confidence when they meet in an elevator?

What is the happiest story you can think of (hint: it almost always comes from childhood)?

What are the unfinished or untouched obsessions you’ve collected material for, but never gotten around to?

How lucky was Shakespeare to have been born just at the time when the translation of Latin literature became all the rage in England?

What do Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the French photographer Eugene Atget have in common… and are you, dear listener out there, an autodidact?

How does it feel to be able to find a book, any book at all, much more easily than Richard Wagner could dream?

And are you someone like William H. Macy in the movie Magnolia, who has “a lot of love to give?” And are you like Van Gogh, who knows he has a purpose, but can’t find it yet?

In other words, tonight is another edition of Give Me a Tarantula, a catch-all for every small idea that can’t fill an episode on their own.

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