The Poet Speaks: Flannery O’Connor, Jacques Barzun, Jean Guehenno (podcast)

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The Poet Speaks: Flannery O'Connor, Jacques Barzun, Jean Guéhenno Human Voices Wake Us

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  1. Excellent of such deep writers to get vocal. To hear Flannery O’Conner say perhaps “the soup is strained to thin” I so sympathise with her critic in fact as am floored by her depth so would not expect a higher understanding of either theme or content. I am perpetually being strained by people in order not to thicken and be part of their contrary peace and crave in literature the expressions so thin and thus hard to expand into whole ideas. That she can write as a writer to make a story have meaning and so dark too, yet undeniably not as removed from reality as instead a novel of reason and fast paced plot would be with safe heroes, it is incredible.


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