Human Voices Wake Us (podcast)

After 150 episodes, I figure it’s time to mention my podcast here, Human Voices Wake Us. I started it last October.

It is available at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and elsewhere.

There will also be a tab on this website with the ten or so most recent episodes available for listening.

Please subscribe if you’re interested, rate and review, and share with any and all.

The podcast covers the usual suspects that can be found all over this blog–readings from my favorite poets, and an audio version of my Great Myths series, among others. But as I’ve always edited my own writing (and most enjoyed the writing of others) by reading the words out loud, doing a podcast feels immensely natural, even if I am far from the reincarnation of Orson Welles.

It has also, over the course of nine months, become a place to talk off the cuff, to comment on the poem or essay I’m reading, or to generally think out loud, all of which are things I never expected to find. In other words, outside of writing poetry or fiction, Human Voices Wake Us has become the only other way of being creative that I know to offer constant surprise, and maybe even growth. Let me know what you think:

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