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Dream Diary, 5/18/85


Dream: being in a house, probably basement, with some shady people I know I should be suspicious of; poor-lighting, & three or four men wandering around, hunched over & scuzzy, monosyllables.

All of them go through the same door, & when they’re gone I look in the corner & see a little boy sitting on a play toilet; he’s wearing nothing but a dirty t-shirt & dirty underwear; he looks starved & abused but is immensely happy to see me, & smiles & says, I’m about to star in a movie about Peter Pan!

Suddenly I know where this is going & grab the boy up run out of the house, somehow get out: I emerge onto a wide road either at morning (fog) or just as dusk is falling; the road leads away from a huge estate & towards other crisscrossing streets, where there are already police-lights flashing.

I wake up as I’m running towards the lights.