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If you enjoy what you read here every day…

I’ve never made this request before, but if you enjoy reading what I post here at Human Pages, please consider donating to support its upkeep: more audio, more video, more excerpts from the best writing on art, religion, poetry and history. Many thanks to anyone who takes the time to do this.

The most direct way to donate would be through this link:



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You can also buy copies of my most recent books directly from me, much cheaper than you can find them on Amazon. All prices include shipping:


Bone Antler Stone (poems)

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The Lonely Young & the Lonely Old: Stories

The Lonely Young & the Lonely Old (stories)

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To the House of the Sun (long poem)

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You can also support Human Pages by buying any of the books I’ve published through my imprint, S4N Books. These include the first three volumes in the Pocket Poems Series. Each book is $3.99, and forthcoming titles will feature Eliot, Yeats, Browning, Masters, and others. Click on each cover to buy:

Song of Myself 1855Song of Myself 1892 

In Memoriam