George Orwell & Empathy

12 thoughts on “George Orwell & Empathy”

  1. Of course, he was right about most things, but in this day of Trump and the proliferating army of right-wing dictators, oligarchs, global internet businesses et all, I doubt if the world will listen to Orwell. But you do well to bring attention to his work.

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  2. While I don’t have this one, yet. It is on the list and I cannot imagine that I won’t love it. Like the reader above, I should love to hear him on Trump… I have two small Orwell books in my purse as I never want to be caught out without a book and I know he will never disappoint. WHY I WRITE & POLITICS AND THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. There is also a book by Albert Camus in case I have a long wait ahead…

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  3. Which Camus is it? But yes, Orwell would destroy Trump with a sentence, but nobody left or right would care. I can’t think of anyone writing now doing what he did, held in suspicion by both sides.

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  4. The Sea Close By. And I have no doubt what Orwell would do with Trump. However, I also like to think what my favorite author would do, Jonathan Swift, would take it beyond A Modest Proposal!

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  5. My grandfather was a miner, and his father died in the mines, if I remember correctly, while his son was in another part of the mines. He was told, had a couple of days off to bury his dad, then was back in the mines to work.

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  6. That’s the usual shit. & people wonder why they had to fight for unions. Working on an essay now about van Gogh’s time among miners in Belgium I think, filled with similar stories.

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  7. Sounds good. My hometown was a mining town. The Monkey Row, a line of detached houses still house people. The colliery was still there, imposing in mockery over the village when I was a boy. Adults made up stories to stop us entering the quarry, saying some kids fell into sinking pits & even divers were lost trying to find them. Probably myths to scare us, it worked.
    That whole area looks like a nature reserve now, took 2 decades of landscaping though. You can see pics in my photos of home, find the pics with a lake and that was once all black, a scar in the land essentially with what to kids were like cliff faces of limestone. It’s picturesque now. The site of the colliery is a housing estate, nothing to remind anyone of the mine, though I wonder sometimes if any entrances in exist somewhere, probably not.

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  8. One of Orwell’s great images, I think in the follow up tomorrow, is people scouring the slagheaps & fighting over the coal. At least yr place got to recover; Centralia PA isn’t far from me, they had to abandon the entire place from all the damage from mining. We’re lucky we have the luxury of working with words, we had the choice.

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  9. One thing people don’t remember about Thatcher, probably the only good thing about her, was that she was worried about climate change & it may have been a reason for her closing the mines. Not the main one, but one.
    I am sure there are places in England where mining had a much more damaging effect on the land.

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  10. While I think the beauty of Orwell lies in his unflinching ability to reveal humanity, it is interesting to note that coal miners in the USA actually broke ranks with many union positions to support Trump.

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  11. Was thinking the same thing, since I originally posted this before the election. The people Orwell was trying to help & give voice to wd probably prefer Alex Jones to him, in a heartbeat.

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