The One Who Was Never Caught

Crime Poetry by Jonah Finn

A short story (actually more of a brief glimpse) this week. It was written a few years before the Golden State Killer was captured, and in part it drew on imagining him, a serial killer in his 60-70s, who was never caught:

Paul Ladas, 72. He had started out west, years ago, still young, stalking them for awhile, carefully choosing; he made sure a park was nearby but not obviously, where no one would think to remember a car; suburban, nearly rich neighborhoods, big yards but few fences, easy to run between, to hide. He’d stash a mask in bushes, some rope, a flashlight, gloves, so he could grab them that night; or, after he found a rhythm, he would leave those same things for fun in neighborhoods he would never hit, or in those he already had, just to see it in the papers, or go to their…

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