Voices behind the words : An interview series with writers (Interview #12, Jonah Finn of Crime Poetry)

Many thanks to RhymeRula, who interviewed my alter ego Jonah Finn over at his Real Free Flowing Words. I’d hoped to keep this persona a secret, but the questions were so good I had to answer them fully & give up the guise. It’s more than I’ve said about writing anywhere else, so give it a look if you’d like–

Real Free - Flowing Words

  • Welcome readers to another entry on “Voices behind the words: An interview series with words. This is the 2nd time I’ve had a trifecta of writer interviews on this series. The other time was in February. I digress, this time around I spoke with the poet Tim Miller, who has begun writing crime poems under the name Jonah Finn. With that said, I’ll refer to him by his pseudonym. This was one of the longest interviews in terms of how in dept he went in on his answers, which is never a bad thing. I had a few writers feel like they spoke too much, which is something that I defiantly want so therefore the readers can learn more about you. Anyways I got sidetracked there, I’ll do my best to kept this brief but with so much information it’ll be a little difficult. Having said that, Jonah spoke about…

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