New Essay On Writing & Publishing at the Seattle Book Review

Ahead of the publication of my book of stories (The Lonely Young & the Lonely Old) in June, the Seattle Book Review just published this essay of mine, on “generous chance encounters in publishing…”


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  1. Great stuff, I liked how you went the extra mile to make sure you the customer received a copy of your book.
    I have given away free books before, yet it is the paying customer who I believe appreciates the work behind the writing.

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  2. Lovely stuff Tim. That diligence to keep presence out there somewhere, to be flexible to a back & forth, to hold your own in a correspondence, is a sort of networking skill & surprise, though it cannot be relied upon, is all the more satisfying for its spontaneity.

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  3. Good article, Tim; it’s more self-aware and more even-keeled than many other writers would have offered. Surprise and gratitude—good things for any writer to value.

    I somehow acquired a pile of Writer’s Digest back-issues sometime in the early ’90s. I recall finding them baffling, a confection of good advice, cold professionalism, and obvious scams all between the same covers….

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