Images: 3 Impressionist Street Scenes

2 thoughts on “Images: 3 Impressionist Street Scenes”

  1. Is the one on top considered impressionism? The impressionists of today that I’ve seen don’t like to use gray or smooth paint. It’s all bright colors straight out of the tube and thick impasto paint. Today impressionists don’t do finished looking paintings either. How is it that impressionism has such a limited range these days but in the 1800s it included more?

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  2. Well, I found it in a book of Impressionists; wiki also put him in that camp but with the same reservations as you; but he was friends with them, obviously contemporary in France, & at least his subject matter warranted being called something other than conventional. Even this painting, which after 150yrs of photography seems fine to us, was jarring for the time, with the guy seeming about to walk straight into you. & he painted everyday work scenes beautifully & with sympathy, which lots of people didn’t see a point in; I’ll post one of those soon.

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