“The sun sets into the sea to simmer”: 4 poems at The High Window

9d72a16aa31dfab99c81ffed7d040b44--clermont-ferrand-genieMany thanks as always to David Cooke over at The High Window, who just published four new poems of mine in their spring issue, and are the last batch before The High Window Press brings out my entire collection of poems from ancient Europe, Bone Antler Stone.

Please also consider following them on WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook, that’s how all the cool kids are finding them you know.

The four poems cover a lot of ground: one on the ancient belief that the sun set into the sea (and dutifully produced a hissing sound); another on axes produced on Rathlin Island, off Northern Ireland; a general hymn of praise to stone; and finally one on the painted pottery of Clermont-Ferrand, and the wonderfully expressive animals they depict (pictured here).


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  1. Thanks Trisha, esp for liking those two. It’s always fun trying to extrapolate a entire poem out of a few lines from a Classical author, or an archeological description, & those two came out of nowhere, & were a great surprise to me.


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