The Poet Speaks #8: Patti Smith, Toni Morrison, T. S. Eliot, Hart Crane: “I shall make every sacrifice toward that end”

7 thoughts on “The Poet Speaks #8: Patti Smith, Toni Morrison, T. S. Eliot, Hart Crane: “I shall make every sacrifice toward that end””

  1. Wish i had the guts writers like Crane had, to just give as much of myself as possible to it. A man like that must have confidence their works will outlive them. i suppose technology forbids it in some sense, because our blogs will outlive us, yet that doesn’t carry the same currency as our books & letters.

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  2. As someone who has not made a career out of writing (due mostly, I suppose to the poor decisions of a younger man) but who has had to find the time for it after and between so-called real jobs, I find those words from Crane heartening. Even if nothing more than blog posts ever comes of it, if there is ever that connection perhaps that is all that is needed for the pursuit to be worthwhile.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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  3. I hope it’s more than our blogs that last, it seems those will be like Geocities pages seem to us now. …& sequestering yrself in Jeju as you have, strikes me as something crane might do for his poetry, even if yr there not just for that.

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  4. Me too. But if not, i hope some curious student doing a PhD of the future, decides to do one in poetry of the 2010s & sifts through WordPress blogs for dead poets who left their silicon mark on the coded highways & byways & gives us a new breath of life. & maybe they’ll be sat talking with friends about our comments, about how aware we really tried to be, how hard we tried to give poetry & literature meaning, while most of the world kept on ignoring us. Our work will be like the marginalia found in old dusty, handwritten texts of the dark ages. Except full of something useful.

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