Who are These Faces & What are Their Stories?

20 thoughts on “Who are These Faces & What are Their Stories?”

  1. I found this info re: Imaculata reunion (it might lead to recognition by someone)
    Saturday, April 28:
    • 10:30 AM: Alumni Association General Meeting & President Barbara Lettiere’s State of the University Address
    • 12 PM: Blue and White Luncheon
    • 12 PM: Golden Macs Luncheon, Celebrating Classes 1938 through 1968 (Open to all classes)
    • 4 PM: Alumni Memorial Mass
    • 6-9 PM: Immaculata Alumni Individual Class Dinners for the Classes of ’43, ’48, ’53, ’58, ’63, ’68, ’73, and ’78
    • 6-10:30 PM: All Class Dinner: Mac’s Pub

    For full details regarding the schedule, hotel reservations, or to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the Reunion website: https://ua.immaculata.edu/reunion2018/, or contact the Office of Alumni Relations by email at alumnidept@immaculata.edu or by phone at 610-647-4400 ext. 3135.

    Immaculata University | 1145 King Road, Immaculata, PA. 19345 | 610-647-4400 or call toll-free: 1-877-42 TODAY

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  2. Thanks, & the best part is, we could have the same reaction to any batch of pictures, of anybody. quite a peek into what seems a lost world, but one that also feels very close

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  3. yeah & the caption, “they must be good!” –?? it all feels utterly natural & rare, before we took a hundred photos a day, before a thousand people could see them, just lives being lived

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  4. Those pictures remind me of when my church and I went camping. We all got given an old postcard (either of a landscape or person) from a charity shop and we had about 10 mins to make up a story! 😛

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  5. I had an antique store & still sell some. I am also intrigued by antique photos. I have hundreds of them. I’ve cried over some, wondering about them. It is sad to me that folks will just have boxes of their family memories sold at auction. (Sometimes for only $1.) I’m currently writing a book with stories and photos. Some are from my own family tales, others are adopted from folks that I ask about their grandparents. I have about 60 pages done. This week I wrote a blog about my Great Grandfather, https://downtoearthpositive.com/2018/05/10/rebel-of-a-man/ (Sorry I don’t know how to make this a pretty hyperlink) Anyway, thank you for caring. Please remind your family to mark their photos.& listen to the stories of the old-folk. I wish I had listened to my grandfather’s stories more carefully.

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  6. Oops! Almost forgot, one day in my store there was a couple in the hallway, I hear him saying to his wife, “This is Auntie Sue, Uncle . . . .”. When they came around, I told him I overheard and asked, “Were you talking about one of the photos on the wall?” “Yes”, he says, “They are my family!” I walked back, took it off the wall and handed it to him as a gift—-I didn’t care about the $45. price tag. THIS family was reunited!!!!! So, it does happen.

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