How daily my life.

7 thoughts on “How daily my life.”

  1. Like this recommending of sites period. 2 fine choices so far.
    This on reminds me somewhat of our correspondence. Maybe one day our correspondence will be read by someone in the future & talked about. How we in a mire of political bullshit & myopia, were talking & reckoning with our place in the world, across time zones, ocean & land. That’s a nice thought. That no matter space or time, two people can meet & understand each other & find an ear to listen.

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  2. For sure pal, with commenting more & reblogging sites, doing my best to try more of the social aspect of social media. It’s still not my jam, I prefer email as you know, but baby steps. The Complete TWM/DPM Correspondence will probably end up being at least 10vols, the Heaney/Hughes letters left in our dust. Seriously it means so much, & a reason why a site like this one immediately stands out. Been great to find yr comments today, in between a 1 yr old birthday party — !

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  3. Wish the wee one a happy birthday from me. Is she aware she is being celebrated? You can tell i haven’t thought much about children or having one. haha.

    It makes me think how the great correspondences of the future will be published. They surely exist. They are all under lock & key, secured by passwords & perhaps even deleted as inboxes become untidy (not in my case, i think i have the entirety of our correspondence, i think, i hope). i feel an ‘As i Please’ coming on.

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  4. Do you mean Orwell’s As I Please? I’d put those as the best blog ever, before there were blogs.

    We’ll have to donate our papers to institutions that will cooperate nicely; if yr missing one of our emails I shd have it, & vice versa. …Not sure if she understands why she just got a bunch of new toys, but it’s most fascinating to see how she’s growing by seeing how differently she plays with toys she’s had for months; slowly becoming aware & familiar of a wider range of things. & all I’m doing is worrying abt line endings ! She’s doing the heavy lifting around here.

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  5. i do. Been reading them & i think they will be a template on which to write more stuff like ‘Facebook is not sentient’. Many of my essays were supposed to be short, easily digestible just to provoke dialogue, but the ideas & sources start to flood in against my will & i can’t ignore them, so the essays grow. But the ‘Facebook is not sentient’ is my first success with brevity.

    i need to look back at our correspondence. i feel there is something to be done with them, maybe. i think a talk in private about this is in order.

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  6. Funny, I got a huge 1000pg+ collection or Orwell a bit ago, all so I could find his boarding school memoir & his essays on the degradation of the English language…….turned out it had every As I Please. That’s why a year ago I was trying to do 500-1000 words every week, it’s a good prompt, but nobody’s as good as him. I hope you write more like he Facebook piece. …. our correspondence wd have to start with yr comments on my blog, I think you did that first ??

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  7. i have a few things in mind for short pieces.
    The As I please stuff is all online. The whole of it, or so it seems. They are good. Just sort of thinking out loud isn’t here. Just a flutter of stuff to get said. i feel much the same these days, i can’t keep up with myself.

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