Emily Dickinson (Forerunners)

3 thoughts on “Emily Dickinson (Forerunners)”

  1. Very well done Tim, as is all your writing. You’re pretty much the only one I read on here. Thanks for the reminder about Emily; I was on a “kick” with her last summer and find I must get back to her. Thanks again

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  2. Thanks for this. It’s very easy to get into a Dickinson kick, & someday I really want to find a biography of her. …looks like we’re on a similar track, tomorrow I’ll be posting something from Flannery O’Connor’s letters; & reading those makes me sad there’s isn’t much of Dickinson’s that survive


  3. For years, I’ve considered Emily Dickinson as the great American haiku writer. Her poems don’t fit the syllable requirement. In every other criteria, she’s spot on.

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