Is the work of 15th century Flemish artists ‘primitive’?

2 thoughts on “Is the work of 15th century Flemish artists ‘primitive’?”

  1. It’s all a matter of taste and getting beyond the view of historian as expert. Im not an academic, so my views are unashamedly primitive but looking at the 1500 Durer self-portrait in its lushness and passion against the Da Vinci portrait, where there is no hint of fleshy life in the depiction (stylised and presumably then, elevated in some way) I say maybe the fact that I can smell the scent of Durers humanity by looking into his painting is an argument for and not against it being primitive in all its glory. I have to add, I’m not against thoughts and manifestations of elevated thinking. There’s room for it all, after all

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  2. Durer is my dude for sure, all his figures have great weight & realness to them. Rembrandt too, or Vermeer, Brueghel. Da Vinci does too, that sad sickly lady talks to me just in a different way with her cold face. I’ve no idea why any of it should ever be called “primitive,” unless it’s an academic with a bone to pick making up some categories.

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