Deep History & Old Childhood: 3 New Poems at Isacoustic

Immense thanks to Barton Smock, who just published three of my poems at Isacoustic. You can read them here. They are among my favorites from the past few years, and so it’s wonderful to see them all together; whatever it is I’ve been trying to say with history and mythology, landscape and autobiography, are all there. 

Thanks also and obviously and endlessly to my wife, Jenny, who is the “you” addressed in the poems from Orkney. There is no better companion, travelling or otherwise.

Barton’s own poetry can be found at Kings of Train, and is well worth a look; as are other familiar names he’s published at Isacoustic: Daniel Paul Marshall, and Robert Okaji.


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  1. St Magnus steals it for me. The column of images are confident, you sound sure of yourself more than ever & there is the powerful, chiasmus (could you call it that?, it has a similar effect on me)

    “remember death while you live so the living
    might remember you when you are dead.”

    & the send off would melt butter. a lovely dedication to your wife.
    i recall reading ‘When on high’, perhaps you sent it me. i lose track of all the stuff you send me, sorry. i do remember it though, a good reflective poem. Wish i could remember that much of my childhood. i just remember wanting to be an adult.

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  2. Seeing as it is a travel poem, i think the length is justified, it fulfills something of the journey, the distance you travel in space & time. If you wend on in a burial poem, it doesn’t work too well, because you don’t exact the space requirements, only the time ones, so the length of the poem must be adjusted, but i read this without thinking, “when is he going to finish” & Barton seems to have seen the value in it, even considering its length & Barton’s poems are usually pretty short, so it must have held his attention.

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