Happy Black Friday

8 thoughts on “Happy Black Friday”

  1. the pace of changing scenery that you describe is a relatively new phenomenon. through all of recorded (widely taught and accepted) human history people have lived in small communities with their clansfolk, all of whom they knew intimately. hopefully we can begin to reclaim some of that interconnectedness, but on a global scale. there are people who i consider friends on every continent. unfortunately there is a ‘master’ caste which is keeping humanity under enormous artificial stress by this system of arbitrary wealth, power and violence, keeping us so artificially indebted that we never have a spare moment in which to stop and take stock of the great abundance we actually enjoy.

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  2. Tim lad, you speak so much truth, really, truly— i couldn’t have put it better myself, haha. This is how i feel about the whole shebang of now. i am actually trying to cut out some things & bring focus; i don’t know if i am succeeding, but i have been rereading & spending more time going back over chapters of texts, to get it to slink in. i have quit tv, pretty much entirely & took to podcasts, but just a handful on subjects that feel important, or at least useful to my endeavours. Anything that is merely entertainment has been relegated to the very rare occasions i may get home before the 7:30 movie on tv, which i will usually watch half of before retiring to my cot.
    But you know, people are always doing this (what i have just unknowingly done): giving some mild mannered defense of what they do, implying what everyone else should be doing, or defending their decisions to do what is generating the manufacture of so much blase, uninspired gabble, that we just flick through to say “watched it.” It doesn’t help, really; i don’t really get the “i watch (do, accept) it, but…” as if they’re different (or i am different, i include myself in this bracket) because they are marginally conscious of their folly; the irony of THEM doing it somehow worthy of forgiveness.
    i doubt it will occur, but i’d be happy to see a paring back of the volume of stuff coming out. i don’t see how or why that would happen considering demand, but especially tv with its huge waste of resources used to churn out something people, on the whole watch once & only because it is linear. Think of the energy it takes & money for something to be so passively engaged with?
    But then again, isn’t this freedom to art what cultures have fought for the right to have? Isn’t it just the logical extension of massive amounts of freedom, so much so that it controls us, controls to the point that, for it to be whittled now would be an affront to freedom of choice? i dunno, i am just a very very very confused poet.

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  3. DPM, ages ago I heard the story that it was cheaper for ESPN, then just starting, to broadcast 24hrs rather than 12 or so, only to start up again in the morning. This pretty much seems to be it, there’s no incentive to create or release less, esp when money makes it cheaper; & since social media seems to favor constant cycles of the “new” that’s not new at all. ….it was nice also to write all that as if I’m not even a little bit of an American consumer who loves horrid American fast food…. we’ve got to trade podcasts, I wonder if we intersect anywhere ?

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  4. Not surprised one bit about that fella, not a bit. O well, at least in the molasses of so much crap, to find something useful, just from the law of averages becomes much more easier to root out. Send me a list of your podcasts, i am sure somewhere we intersect. i am loving it, i never explored the podcast before & i am pleased with how in depth they are, much better than any documentary.

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