Most interesting stuff found in July:

On Thomas Hardy’s as a London as much as a country writer

More on Thomas Hardy

How to Raise a Reader

Daniel Paul Marshall does the Grenfell Towers, Wallace Stevens, and more photography from South Korea

Radiohead’s OK Computer turns 20

Once again, modern culture said to be horrid garbage, with very little to suggest what to do about it, or what new “standards” could possibly or realistically be

On two necessary pranks showing up academic writing and standards

Jeff Sypeck celebrates ten years of blogging, and keeps going with Game of Thrones, ISIS, and medievalism

On the young Picasso

Someone opined that Sean Hannity is no William F. Buckley, and then this news was confirmed

Fathers & Daughters: NYRB on Louis CK

On a new biography of A. E. Housman)

Generation Why does two episodes on Richard Ramirez (the Night Stalker), almost as good as theirs on the Original Night Stalker

Response to Trump’s assertion that symphonies make Western music civilization better than everybody else

On a new biography of Hitler which, even as it warns of Trump, actually seems to show what a clown he is

On John Keats



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