Virginia Slachman: Eden Park Meditation

Underfoot Poetry

Eden Park Meditation

How odd that the days lengthen; the hours
braced against a brittle sun that sears
the lip of ice at the base of the black oak.
                                         The ice and the sun
are opaque and impenetrable,
a sealed world. This world. The days don’t dwindle

into twilight but linger so silently
we hardly notice the future
in these perplexed angles of
light.                         Later, at the feet

of the boxwood, night rustles anxiously, or is it
merely the wind. No, there are certain tensions.
The night wants what it is owed.

Mornings, I walk the circular pond and the pond stares back.
I won’t go near enough to see
the distorted reflection staring up at me
                                                         The sky is there;

clouds shunt past, rapid as recognition, the sky a blank
eye as is the sun. I stand at the edge, I am
                                                                 a poor…

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