What’s a Genius to Do?

7 thoughts on “What’s a Genius to Do?”

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  2. O my Tim pal, i think we have some very different opinions on things here, but that’s ok. Magnolia is for me a much weaker film than The Master. The Master is an utter triumph, with Seymour Hoffman finally in a lead role & absolutely smashing it. The scene where he is prancing around singing “a roving” is brilliant. & the scene with the critic who he calls a “pig fuck!” is so tense.
    Magnolia suffers for putting Tom (i am the greatest thing since God & sliced bread) Cruise, who is just an insufferable, terrible, one dimensional actor, who i just cannot abide.
    On Radiohead, OK computer is still incredible, but for me Hail to the Thief was their peak, it melds their future & their past with a present.
    But i can see your point on the creative not being able to stay in one place. It just doesn’t make sense. i can associate with Lowell’s problem (the constant revision). I always have an itch to meddle with my own work.
    i have to ask you what you found a bore about The Master? i’d go so far as to say it is perhaps the best film of the past 10 years no quarrel.

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  3. “sometimes the mess is more powerful for lacking roundness, category, or easy placement.” I take comfort in this statement as one who has strived for a linear progression in whatever I’ve accomplished personally, professionally and creatively, yet have found the path to be winding and painful instead; as you say, messy and less cohesive. Maybe success is being able to reinvent yourself to explore new avenues of creativity and productivity regardless of notoriety.

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  4. I’ve recently ‘regressed’ to trying out some rhyming poetry too. I truly underestimated the beauty and communicative power of rhymes. Now I can’t get enough.

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  5. Danny my brother, this must be serious since you bypassed entirely the question of early Yeats being awesome. I’d give PTA “There Will Be Blood,” but even there seemed to be a move towards coldness and pseudo-sophistication. “The Master” was one of the only movies we ever almost walked out on–staying to finish the popcorn. It’s been awhile, but I do remember a montage early on showing Phoenix’s character all PTSD’d & fucking the sandlady on the beach; for me anyway compare that to any of the montages Magnolia opens with, & (for me anyway) one holds you at a distance, the other is maybe melodramatic & over the top, but it’s human & alive. I remember too the scene at the end where PSH’s character sings & weeps at Phoenix’s character, but I didn’t feel I’d been given any reason to care about why they might be crying, & it seemed a bit more of pseudo-European-cinema-profundity. & PTA’s take on religion is a bit simplistic. It just wasn’t for me, but if it’s ever on Netflix I’ll give it another go for yr sake. ….& I’d only say PTA seemed to know what he was doing, giving Tommy Cruise an insufferable character to play, since Cruise is mostly that.


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