Are these not three of the most amazing songs you’ve ever heard?

7 thoughts on “Are these not three of the most amazing songs you’ve ever heard?”

  1. Fred Macdowell is the master. Big Fat Mama & his version of When i lay my burden down are haunted classics, worth a listen. love the Jewish music, i went to visit my friend Omar the other day & he played me some raucously good Moroccan music, his native land— man that stuff was making my feet tap like a beaver’s tail. we danced in his kitched in evening light, drinking Korean soju with ginger tea chasers & tagine lining our our tummies. some beautiful music here Tim. seems we are on the same page here too, i think you may just be my best friend. i quote you in my latest post, go have a look see.

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  2. I’ve a few Smithsonian albums of almost exclusively percussive music–sometimes a whistle or bagpipe thrown in– from Morocco to Pakistan. John Bonham’s got nothing on them, it’d be hard not to dance. You understand how easily Peter Gabriel was able to fiddle with a lot of it for his Last Temptation of Christ score.

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  3. i think i’d enjoy rummaging through those records. with more money i’d buy some percussive instruments, not drums, but tabla & such things. years ago at a free festival in Manchester, i was invited into a drum circle & it was one of the coolest experiences. so organic & direct. everything just falls into place, so long as you have minimal rhythm.

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  4. Familiar with the Lomax’s work. (I have some other similar recordings also). The other two cuts are fantastic and yes the first thing i thought of on the Ghazal piece was Gabriel. Cool post Tim. I’m listening to ‘Eternity ‘as I type.

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