Daniel Paul Marshall (6 Poems)

7 thoughts on “Daniel Paul Marshall (6 Poems)”

  1. These are monumental poems; intricate, dense and with a unique sensitivity to the internal and external world – the physical and the spiritual. One poet who springs to mind when I read these poems is the American poet Robinson Jeffers. Excellent

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  2. Thanks Nicholas. I’m glad you mention Jeffers, since I’ll be posting a dozen or so of his poems soon. In the meantime, I hope you check out DPM’s website, there’s lot more poetry there. Nowadays it’s hard to find a poet with his combination of external observation, internal rumination, and overall sympathy.

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  3. I’m so glad you did find this poet and elected to share some of his work with us.. He has an incredible eye for detail and and ear for arranging those small details into large fluid messages. Uncanny, how the two seem to enfold & tuck themselves into one another until it’s hard to tell where a detail ends and the message begins. Homeric in it’s way. Catalogs of objects that one reviews with bare sense that those inventories, lists of things, are pulling one into the whole culture of its original audience, nudging the guy next to you with his shield spear, asking, “Did you see that?”

    Much obliged, Tim.

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