Viking Jesus

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  1. I found this title separately and was initially intrigued. Unfortunately, I didn’t care for the writing. For me, it loses the severity and feel of Norse mythology and the originality and dignity of the Christian gospels. The Bible really seems to suffer when adapted in that it loses the stateliness of its language.

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  2. Robert, thank you for your comments, on this & other posts. I totally agree–we read the Sagas or Eddas, or the Gospels, because they move us; but we read something like the Heliand because it is so incongruous, it’s less literature than it is a historical artifact.

    I’ve always been curious about the “stateliness” of the Bible, though (or most scriptures), and wonder what anybody with experience in the original languages says. Somewhere I read that the Gospel of John, easily my favorite, nevertheless only became a work of literature in 1611, implying the KJV gave us a better John than John. This may be harsh, but I wonder if something sort of like it might be true in general, that our most revered texts stranger and more idiosyncratic than we imagine, but no less powerful for all that.

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  3. The problem is that often the translators are not great writers themselves. And, of course, somethings are untranslatable. Mostly we get a mirror of the original and so much is lost that way. Then along comes a great poet like Seamus Heaney and they renew our interest in the greatness of the original.

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  4. Yes, this is all quite coincidental, isn’t it? 🙂

    There are also loads of coincidences between the Ancient Greek myth of Pandora and Noah’s great flood.


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    How do Christian missionaries tell the Gospel to Vikings?
    “Jesus as a chieftain, prayers as runes, and the Last Supper as ‘The last mead-hall feast with the warrior-companions.'”

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  6. Tim, great to meet you and thanks for the follow on my blog Confessions!

    I found this piece incredibly fascinating. It’s amazing to see the dichotomies of the stories interplayed between different cultures. Eye opening for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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