Week of the Bomb: Monday

6 thoughts on “Week of the Bomb: Monday”

  1. Mr. Miller, Thank you for signing up to follow our blog. We’ve just read your above very impressive post on the atomic bomb … well-researched, documented, and thought-out. May we have permission to share this post on our blog and Facebook?


  2. Thank you for following my blog. It was pure coincidence that I ended up posting about a concert in Hiroshima at this time of year. (I assume it was that hashtag that led you to Warped Frost, since it is a very different type of blog.)

    Anyway, there is a lot to chew on in this post so I’ll definitely be sharing it. That part about the people being stuck in the asphalt…man. It reminded me of reading how some people in the bomb blast had the pattern from their clothes burned onto their bodies from the radiation. We think of bombs as killing quickly but there’s also a lot of slow dying and side effects that we can’t imagine. At least I didn’t.


  3. Tim, You and Peter Lach-Newinsky’s work on these very troublesome subjects are the best condensations on the conundrums of war and peace I’ve encountered. Much appreciate the valuable effort and thought both of you have put into the matter.

    Two seemingly identical treatments of the dilemma of intensions (sic) and regrets in the foment of war, I’m so tempted to immediately write out the many things they provoked in me. But I think I’ll but the temptation aside for the moment and let it perk a little.

    Meantime, I’ll offer my own recent attempt to scale this subject from yet another point of view — a little 70th Anniversary booklet, ‘Begin the Conversation’ of poems and essays, http://poems4change.org/docs/hiroshima-album.pdf

    It seems to me, what we have in common, is that we are all, like the blind men and the elephant, scratching at something ineffable that can only be described as an unsayable emerging from number of points of view. Perhaps it is something that can never be quite captured, but like Derrida’s ‘différance’ keeps having its meaning deferred? I think it important, though, that we try, and in the trying perhaps find a way to untie this Gordion knot of war&peace. Certainly, the two of you have made a good start.


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