A Gallery of Greeks & Romans

7 thoughts on “A Gallery of Greeks & Romans”

  1. It is, as you accurately portrayed, extremely useful to understand that the way we perceive history,more often than not, is through a lens with a highly selective focus.
    If I may add a word, I believe that what Hellenes did at the time was to propose the idea of the total in-dividual.
    A huge difference between the existing Oriental or Occidental view of a human being. The accomplishments of the ancient Hellenic civilization, with all it’s inherent faults, can be traced back to that fundamental change of perception.


  2. I see through the same lens that you do… so called empires usually self destruct within a brief time. On this continent I think of the Aztecs that barely lasted 200 years… why is it that we only remember the brutality and dismiss those who live peacefully?


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