William H. McNeill – History as Myth

2 thoughts on “William H. McNeill – History as Myth”

  1. Nice tribute. The historian I took to when I was younger was Will Durant. These days we have very few historians like Toynbee, Durant and McNeil who embraced all of human history and tried to make sense of it. Thanks for the post.


  2. I’ve never read Mr. McNeill before, but I’m fascinated by faces, and I love Mr. McNeill’s. A wizened and alert old face. There’s something you can always tell just in the glance a person has. Mr McNeill’s face is warm and open, but not overmuch; it’s set like a jewel in an overall coolness. He also has a deep smile which manifests just barely on the surface. That indicates his scholarly care and restraint, but also he looks like he had a good sense of humor, a dry wit, loved telling stories, indubitably a joy in his mastery of words.


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