Walking the Broch of Gurness, Orkney

The only thing better than the sites on Orkney is walking to them. Here’s an early morning last September, walking to the Iron Age village, Broch of Gurness. Starting at Evie Primary School, down long roads of heather and noisy cows, around to the Sands of Evie and Eynhallow Sound, and finally to the broch. We arrived before it even opened, and so had the place to ourselves for a good hour or more.

Broch of Gurness at Historic Environment Scotland

Broch of Gurness OS Map



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  1. For so long Safari said you were not a secure site… and here I am wondering how come, and then not giving a shit… about online internet big brother concerns. You have liked and followed my blog Tim mIller???? so hello. from across the drink, I imagine, I bid you peace and I love your photos. Thanks for sharing the stone walls. I am such a fan of piled rocks. Truly.


  2. This so resonates with me. I’m a Scot, living in Canada since 1972. Lovely to see some bits of home, especially preserved ruins which are so rare over here in this country…….


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