Picasso & the Gestapo

9 thoughts on “Picasso & the Gestapo”

  1. Interesting stuff! Didn’t know about any of this. Guernica is a chillingly beautiful work, though.


  2. Ironical that Picasso painted the atrocities of what happened in Basque and yet he was terribly cruel to the very mistress you mention in this article. He drove her mad with his abuse; physcial and mental. The crying woman is her!


  3. Nicely related, you are a fine writer. I’m very familiar with this story but have never heard it told so well. I will subscribe if I can find where…


  4. Great story – I first heard it 30 years ago in college, great to read it once again.


  5. Yes I did know about this, but you have written about the story so well and it needs to be told. I must write about how a ship (Habana) full of basque children escaped and were welcomed in my city of Southampton. They lived on tents on some common land with thousands of volunteers. Those that didn’t go back later, because all their family had been killed were adopted. Many made Southampton their home.
    I did feel sorry for all the women in Picasso’s life. He grew up as a spoiled brat in a family of women who slaved for him as he broke their hearts, while he concentrated all day on his art. Having said that he has to be my favourite artist.


  6. So beautifully written, with a thud of a question mark ending. Also would like to say, thank you for following me. It is an honor.


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